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What Is Drug And Alcohol

Many families are suffering as they watch a relative or loved one self destruct with a drug or alcohol problem. At times it can create
a feeling of despair and hopelessness. The person who needs the help usually will not admit that they have a problem. It may require what is known as an Intervention. 

An intervention is when people who love someone confront them about their drinking or drug problem. When a person is surrounded by those he or she loves and they are all consistently saying the same thing at the same time, it is difficult to argue. An intervention may be the only thing that can save the person from losing everything and everyone they love. Those who are associated with an addict will be the first to admit that their addict friend or loved one has done them wrong. The addict will lie and manipulate to get their next high. They do not think about who they are hurting in the process. The only thing they have in mind is getting high or drunk. Unless the cycle of abuse is interrupted, the addict will continue until he or she has driven everyone out of their life or perishes. In most cases, a family has done all they know how to get their loved one sober but nothing seems to work. A Canadian Drug and Alcohol Intervention is the usually the last resort.
intervention canada
canada intervention

Why Hire A Professional

Our professional Canadian Interventionists are able to best evaluate the extent of an addiction, and determine the manner in which the intervention should proceed. By interviewing friends and family, the interventionist will learn about the addict, and also decide what treatment program is most appropriate. We are there to relieve the stress.

Our Alcohol and Drug Interventionists of Canada can organize and educate the intervention participants, and clearly explain why and how every step of an intervention must occur. The tone of the intervention must remain safe, positive and non confrontational, and this is difficult when so much pain and hurt has been caused by the addict's abuse. A professional interventionist can keep the intervention positive and increase the chances of the wanted end result. A professional interventionist takes all the stress and anxiety of planning and running a drug and alcohol intervention out of your hands. You no longer have to worry about making the decisions that could strengthen or weaken the effectiveness of the event. A professional interventionist will come to you, helping you to choose who to invite and when to hold the event. The family can now feel a sense of relief knowing this is in the hands of a professional.
canada intervention
intervention canada
Canada Intervention Joey Marcelli
What is Addiction?

A PRIMARY DISEASE: Addiction is a primary, chronic disease, characterized by impaired control over the use of a psychoactive substance. The addiction must be treated first before any other problem can be successfully managed.

A PROGRESSIVE ILLNESS: This condition will worsen over time.

A FATAL ILLNESS: It is directly or indirectly related to mortality.

A TREATABLE ILLNESS: Remission can be achieved through daily recovery activities that must be incorporated in one's life.

An Intervention is not a Confrontation. It is a well organized process and an expression of
compassion and concern for a person who is suffering from a chronic illness.

“Intervention is the ultimate act of love and compassion”
Canada Interventions works closely with Rehab Placement Specialists all over Canada.

If you require assistance in finding the right rehabilitation facility for you or a loved
one please contact Fraser Cooke at Canada Rehab.

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